TWIN CAM “MIT” (96-110CUI) CNC-Ported HEADS, bare


Twin Cam MIT CNC Ported Headset (bare, CNC Billet Aluminum) for the Harley-Davidson™ 96-110CUI TwinCam models.


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DISCLAIMER: *** Due to the hi-power output and certain mechanical features, this headset is to be installed/tuned ONLY by an experienced engine builder. Bike to be ONLY used on a closed course. Limited Warranty applies. ***

  • Speed And Science® designed “MIT” Billet Aluminum (6061-T6) CNC-Ported Heads for the Harley-Davidson™ Twin Cam models. We took our proven FEROCITY heads, modified/enlarged the ports, modified the valve angles, bump up the compression and used larger, 1.960″ Intake Valve.
  • This is a bare, “builder’s” kit. Valvetrain available here (accepting up to .650″ valve lift).
  • This system is capable of achieving very high HP – it makes a superb performance engine that is user-friendly and easy to service down the road. No special-order pistons, valves, guides, fasteners, etc. to worry about. Nobody offers that – there’s no hidden cost with our product!!!
  • Proprietary ports designed to make peak power at the upper RPM range. Your bike will pull extremely hard from about 2,500 RPM all the way up to the redline.
  • Proprietary, super-fast design of the 68.25CC combustion chamber yields 11.35:1 (98CUI), 11.98:1 (103CUI) and 12.64:1 (110CUI) calculated compression ratio with flat-top pistons. Hi-octane (e.g. North American 94) pump gas must be used along with the proper (late closing) camshaft and tuning.
  • Valve guide holes and valve seat pockets pre-machined for the following (recommended) AV&V components: VG6604, VG6704, AV2132 and AV1945.
  • Includes M12x1.25 threaded holes for automatic compression releases.
  • ***The difference in surface finish between the Intake (coarser) and Exhaust (smoother) ports is intentional.
  • Warranty details and conditions are listed in the Installation Manuals ( Manuals download page )

Additional information

Weight22 lbs
Dimensions22 × 12 × 6 in
Valve Springs



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