SPEED AND SCIENCE (SAS) parts are designed and intended for closed course applications only. Our products must be installed by a mechanic experienced in American V-Twin engines and used by an experienced rider. Installation of SAS parts may affect or even void any other warranties if such apply to your motorcycle. Additionally, such installation may violate some federal, provincial, state and local laws, rules and ordinances. Always check federal, provincial, state and local laws prior to modifying your motorcycle. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user to determine whether the product is correct for his/her use. The user shall assume all legal risks, liabilities, duties and obligations associated therewith.

Trademark Disclaimer:  The words Harley-Davidson®, H-D®, Sportster®, Evolution® and all OEM part numbers and model designations are registered trademarks of H-D Michigan, LLC, and are used for reference only. Speed And Science is not associated with Harley-Davidson, Inc.

***Not EPA Compliant, please check with your local Motor Vehicle Office for rules and regulations***


It is your responsibility to read and follow these instructions thoroughly and carefully prior to attempting any work on your motorcycle. Make sure you understand all procedures completely. Contact SAS with any questions you may have regarding an installation and/or operation of any SAS product. Please make safety your priority.

  1. Motorcycle fuel is extremely flammable and explosive media, also toxic when breathed/ingested. Work only in well ventilated room equipped with appropriate fire extinguishing gear. Avoid any open flames or sparks, do not smoke.
  2. Exhaust fumes are toxic and must not be breathed. Run your motorcycle in a well ventilated area; also never stay in the way of the exhaust fumes.
  3. Motorcycle engine and certain accessories do get very hot after even a very short run. Always allow those to cool down before attempting any work.
  4. Always disconnect the motorcycle battery prior to attempting any work. Secure the battery terminals and cables to prevent any accidental re-connect and/or short-circuit.
  5. Consult an appropriate service manual[s] for other procedures that may be needed in order to facilitate an installation of the SAS part[s].
  6. Never work on, or operate your motorcycle while under influence of alcohol or drugs. Fatigue will affect your proper judgement ability also. Please keep yourself and others safe.
  7. Always check federal, provincial, state and local laws prior to modifying your motorcycle.



  1. All SAS parts are guaranteed to the original purchaser to be free of manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the date of purchase.
  2. SAS must be notified immediately about any of our products that do not conform to the above. After a case review, an RMA number will be issued to the purchaser and the product[s] must be returned pre-paid to us within the 12 month warranty period or 10 business days thereafter and will be replaced or repaired at SAS’s option.
  3. The returning parts must be packaged properly as to prevent any shipping damage.
  4. The shipment must include a copy of the original purchase receipt, Invoice, etc., also a detailed note outlining the nature of the problem.
  5. Upon positive case review, a repair, replacement or refund will be granted.
  6. The purchaser is solely responsible for proper installation of any SAS product, using proper tools and techniques as per commonly used shop procedures and manuals.
  7. SAS shall not be responsible for any part defects being result of improper installation, improper/lack of maintenance, improper use and operation, or any other abnormal misuse or mistreatment of said part.
  8. SAS shall be not liable for any consequential or incidental damages resulting from the failure of a SAS part, the breach of any warranties (written or implied), the failure to deliver, etc.